13 Jul, 2024

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Travel Guiders is a dynamic travel blog dedicated to geographically-inspired travel and adventures. Our mission is to assist avid explorers in making the most of their journeys by providing invaluable travel tips on every aspect of their trips. From transportation and accommodation to packing lists and other essential advice, we cover it all.

We understand our readers’ mindset because we are travelers ourselves. We strive to deliver the most relevant and up-to-date travel information, ensuring our content meets the needs of modern adventurers. Despite being a relatively new blog, our strategic approach to our unique travel niche has secured us a stable position in the competitive blogging landscape.

Our Website Stats

Over the past months, we have cultivated a vibrant and engaged community of global travelers. Here are our current statistics:

  • Monthly Visitors: 50,000+
  • Newsletter Subscribers: 10,000+
  • Social Media Followers: 20,000+
  • Average Session Duration: 3 minutes
  • Bounce Rate: 35%
  • Pages per Session: 4

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    Share Your Adventures with the World Travel Write For US

    Do you have an ardor for travel? Do you love sharing your stories and insights with others? Join our network of journey fans and contribute your specific voice to Travel Guiders.

    Why Write for Us?

    At Travel Guiders, we agree that everybody has a story to inform and treasured insights to share. By writing for us, you get the opportunity to:

    Inspire Others: Your journey experiences can encourage and manual fellow vacationers, whether they are planning a solo journey, a family vacation, or an adrenaline-pumping journey.

    Showcase Your Expertise: Share your know-how on precise locations, tour suggestions, or areas of interest regions within the tour enterprise. Position yourself as a notion chief inside the journey community.

    Connect with a Global Audience: Reach a diverse and engaged target market of tour fanatics from around the world. Your memories can be studied with the aid of people seeking notions for his or her subsequent journey.

    What We’re Looking For

    We welcome original and properly written content that aligns with our passion for travel. Here are some topics we’re interested in:

    Destination Guides: In-intensity guides about unique travel locations, consisting of tips, tips, and private stories.

    Travel Tips and Hacks: Share your fine journey advice, and hints for saving cash, packing efficaciously, and making the maximum of your travel stories.

    Personal Travel Stories: Narrate your particular travel adventures, from heartwarming encounters to unexpected challenges.

    Expert Insights: If you’ve got knowledge in a particular vicinity of the tour, together with budget travel, luxury travel, journey tour, and many others., we would love to characteristic your insights.

    Submission Guidelines

    Before submitting your content material, please do not forget the following guidelines:

    Originality: We handiest take delivery of unique content that has not been published someplace else.

    Length: Articles ought to typically be between 800 and 2,000 phrases.

    Formatting: Use clean headings, subheadings, and bullet points to beautify readability.

    Images: Include exceptional pix that supplement your content. Ensure you have the right to use those snapshots.

    Bio: Provide a short author bio with a hyperlink for your personal blog or social media profiles.

    How to Submit

    To post your article for attention, please Email it with the challenge line Guest Post Submission – Travel. Attach your article in a Word document, and consists of your bio and applicable photographs.

    What Happens Next?

    Our editorial team will review your submission and get back to you within ONE day. If your article is general, we’re going to provide comments and can help you recognize it while it is going to be posted.

    Thank you for considering Travel Guiders as a platform to percentage your journey insights and reports. We sit up to study your submissions and invite you to our community of passionate tourists!

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