WoW Returning Player Guide

WoW Returning Player Guide

Welcome back to World of Warcraft (WoW), a vast game filled with different activities and goals depending on what you enjoy. If you wish to catch up swiftly, consider your options to buy WoW carries, whether it’s exploring, collecting items, or participating in high-level competitive content. The game has something to cater to everyone’s taste. But remember, the most important thing is to have fun!

Choosing Your Class

If you’re unsure about which class to play, don’t worry. All classes in WoW can achieve great things, and there’s no wrong choice. Your success in the game doesn’t rely solely on picking a “meta” class. Often, players excel most with classes they enjoy and understand deeply, regardless of the current game meta. So, pick a class that visually appeals to you or fits your desired playstyle.

Leveling Experience

Leveling in WoW has changed significantly. All players now start at Level 1 (except for allied races and Evokers, who start at Level 10) and begin their journey on a starter island. You’ll stay here until around Level 10, learning the basics of your class. After this, you’ll proceed to level up by engaging in various activities such as questing, completing dungeons, and killing enemies.

With the introduction of Chromie Time, you can choose which expansion you want to level in once you leave the starter island. This system is fantastic for players who may have missed an expansion and want to experience its storyline fully.

How to Use Chromie Time

Chromie Time can be accessed by speaking to Chromie in either Stormwind or Orgrimmar after you leave the starter island. This feature allows you to choose the expansion era you wish to level in. If at any point you want to switch to a different expansion’s content, you can return to Chromie and select another option.

Dungeons While Leveling

Dungeons are a great way to gain experience quickly. You can queue for dungeons using the Dungeon Finder tool (default keybind “I”), selecting from a variety of dungeons that correspond to your current Chromie Time selection. Dungeons offer substantial experience points, especially when you complete your first dungeon of the day, which provides an extra XP bonus.

What to Do at Max Level (Level 60-70)

Reaching max level opens up a new array of activities:

Dragon Riding: At the Dragon Isles, you can collect glyphs that enhance your ability to ride dragons, improving your mobility across the isles.

Participate in Dungeons: Continue to tackle dungeons tailored to the Dragonflight expansion.

Engage in Events: Time Rifts, Dreamsurgers, and Fyrakk Assaults are special events that offer unique challenges and rewards.

Gearing Your Character

Once you reach Level 70, the game shifts focus towards optimizing your gear. Here’s a straightforward approach:

Buy Gear: Initially, you can purchase affordable gear from the Auction House.

Participate in Dungeons and Events: These activities provide gear that you can further enhance using upgrade crests obtained from various activities.

Join Raids: Raids offer the best gear but require more coordination and effort.

Understanding Dungeons and Raids

Dungeons and raids in WoW have various difficulty levels:

Normal and Heroic Dungeons: Accessible via the dungeon finder and relatively straightforward to complete.

Mythic Dungeons: These offer a greater challenge and require you to manually form a group and travel to the dungeon’s entrance.

Raids: Available in four difficulties—LFR, Normal, Heroic, and Mythic—with each step up offering better loot but requiring more player coordination.

WoW Slang

Getting familiar with WoW slang will help you communicate more effectively with other players. Here are a few terms:

Brez: Battle resurrection, allowing players to revive during combat.

Lust/Hero: Refers to abilities like Bloodlust or Heroism, which significantly boost team performance temporarily.

Wipe: When the entire group dies and has to start over.

BoE: Bind on Equip, items that become bound to you when you wear them.

BiS: Best in Slot, referring to the best possible item for a particular gear slot.

By understanding these terms and concepts, you’ll be better equipped to dive back into the rich world of WoW. Whether you’re completing quests, tackling dungeons, or participating in large-scale raids, WoW offers a deeply engaging experience tailored to a wide range of playstyles.

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